About Me

Born in Boston, MA and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. I picked up guitar in 2nd grade and got hooked on music ever since. Growing up skating and constantly surrounded by action sports culture, I quickly picked up a love for music ranging from punk, to metal, to rap, as well as a love for classic rock and RnB from my parents influence. After playing guitar and bass with metal bands in high-school, I began playing guitar on pop records, and soon began to record vocals at the studio as well. I started rapping and slowly moved to more melodic-rap and singing as my vocal range grew. Now residing in Los Angeles, CA after moving here at 21, I've finally found my own sound, making music blending elements of rock, emo-rap, and hip hop, I'm trying my best to make unique music that people can connect with. I have been mixing my released music since 2019 as well as for many artists in LA and across the World. Now I'm sharing exaclty how I do it across YouTube and other platforms. Hope you learn something and enjoy my music. đź–¤